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Ficopormu is one of the few compounds in Egypt with these balanced and distinct proportions of boron and molybdate elements, especially molybdenum. Ficopormo is characterized by its gluconic acid, which contains the boron and molybdenum organic matter, giving the compound easy absorption through the urban total with high efficiency As well as soil under Egyptian conditions.



The presence of boron and molybdenum together gives a high elasticity to this product in terms of use. As well as in terms of functions that may be helpful in their completion within the plant. The molybdate component is an important component of the nitrogen reduction enzymes that are formed to participate in this cycle to deal with nitrogen absorbed and stored inside the plant, which is one of the largest and most important impediments to the plant from the performance of the rest of its functions and physiological processes. The presence of molybdum helps the plant to convert nitrogen into the amino acids quickly and with the least possible energy. Which makes the plant in front of an optimal solution and root for the two biggest problems are to provide energy for the plant to perform the rest of its functions efficiently and without stress in addition to eliminating the burden of nitrogen accumulation within the plant. The role of boron to supplement the role of molybdenum, where boron works to increase the amount of energy within the plant by increasing the composition of sugars, which gives greater vitality and efficiency of the plant in addition to its role in increasing the fertility of the reproductive parts of the plant (ovaries and pollen). Thus, the compound is a compound that helps the plant to get out of the most important points and periods of stress to the vitality and efficiency to perform its operations and physiological functions and vitality.



We find that Fico Bormo works at the beginning of the period of flowering to help the plant efficiency and increase the ability of the plant to flower. In the flowering period to increase the rate and amount of flowering. Pre-flowering period to help increase efficiency and increase the opening of buds and flowers. The period of flowering to save energy used in other functions, the most important of which is nitrogen digestion. Storing period of starch and sugar (sizing and coloring). At the end of the season for some crops and vegetables in the preference to obtain a final product in terms of storage efficiency. In most types of fruit in the stage of specialty buds to push them to switch to flower buds from the end of the season despite the stress, which gives the plant the ability to overcome the phenomenon of bargaining.



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