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The liquid image is easier to use, especially through irrigation systems (hard or axial spraying) or paper transactions, in addition to the ease and speed of use through drip irrigation.
The presence of HOMEC by 16% of the best global lunar acid and extracted in the best European methods and techniques.
The presence of Volvic acid by 10%, one of the highest ratios compared to the products of his opponent with the knowledge that the Volvik is of great importance due to its small molecular size in addition to the ease of movement and reported in paper transactions

: Benefits:

To improve the specification and characteristics of soil, salinity, (ph), ventilation, water retention.
Increases the exchange rate and cation of the soil.
Increases the utilization of units and doses of fertilizers especially micro-added additives.
Increases the presence and proliferation of beneficial microorganisms of the plant.
Increase root growth by providing climate and favorable conditions for growth, increasing its efficiency in growth, spread and absorption.
From the above it helps to increase the yield and increase its quality.

: Uses:

K-Humax26 is used in annual quantities ranging from 5-6 liters / p and divided throughout the season, especially the times of stress that the plant needs to be quickly and easily supplied with the major and minor elements, especially the minor without additional stress.
Preferably before adding the fertilizer to be used to the maximum degree, especially the minor elements or with them, but consider the method of mixing and order




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