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The presence of growth regulators that increase the division of cells and stimulate the roots and thus balance between flowering and contract and growth vegetables by increasing absorption. The presence of glycine leads to increase the efficiency of the plant and stimulate it to meet the inappropriate conditions, especially during the preparation. Boron is an important element especially during the formation of flowers, especially sexual parts, which increases the fertility and avoid the presence of distortions impede the process of fertilization and fertilization in addition to reduce the presence of defects in the contract.


Helping plants overcome stress indirectly through naphthalene. Provide part of the energy through the use of boron, an important component of the formation of hormones and lipid metabolism and to ensure the formation of full reproductive organs of good flowering, which increases the efficiency of the process of vaccination and lack of distortions. The important role of glycine in plant preparation is to control the closure and opening of the respiratory cavities to ensure more attention and vitality of the plant at critical times.


Sit max is used with most plants at the beginning of the flowering coin with two parameters.

• Initial at the beginning of flowering when flaring from 5-10%.

• Second after initial treatment with 10 – 15 days.

Also used in some crops and fruit trees before flowering 15-20 days to increase the rate of cell division and prolongation to reduce the phenomenon of syphilis, especially in mango trees.



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